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About Us


ITN Food Corporation is a family run and operated company founded in 1988 by Mr. M. Z. Ansari. Educated in Detroit, USA as a Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Ansari always possessed a creative flair with a passion for trade and the confidence to take risks. During the mid 1980’s Mr. Ansari changed his career exchanging his slide rule and compass for an apron and a toque blanche and started experimenting along with Mrs. Ansari on various spice blends, chutneys and condiments while perfecting his knowledge of trade and distribution. In 1988 Mr. Ansari finally pursued his lifelong dream of creating new products through his ability to elicit delicious flavors from quality ingredients. From there ,ITN Food Corporation was born, distributing premium ingredients and gourmet food products in North America. 

Since it's inception, ITN has always been an innovator in the South Asian Grocery Industry. We currently distribute a variety of well known International brands such as; Shan, Ashoka, Wagh Bakri, Mina, Ashoka, Camel, Aeroplane, Dalda, Kolson, Hamdard, Yellow Diamond Chulbule, Minar & Desi along with a variety of premium commodities from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, UAE and USA. Today ITN Food Corporation still operates under the vision of Mr. M. Z. Ansari along with his sons Tariq, Sadiq and his Son in law Talha. ITN invests heavily in modernization, equipment and machinery to facilitate the ultimate objective which is to introduce the North American culture to the tantalizing palette of premium South Asian foods. 


ITN Food Corporation manufactures and packages many of its own House Brands with ingredients sourced both locally and internationally. This ensures a top quality product, encompassed in the traditional flavours you would expect in South Asian foods. 


ITN Food Corporation's modernized distribution involves its entire inventory and stock rotation being computerized and indexed to preserve shelf life and a rapid movement in stock. ITN’s forte is the ability to mobilize and distribute products in a very short period of time, prioritizing customer service with a 24 hour local delivery turnaround time. In addition, ITN Food Corporation distributes to their customers directly without the involvement of wholesalers and third parties. This not only reduces overall pricing, providing improved margins for their customers, but it also provides our customer with the opportunity to adjusting marketing and sales strategies at a rapid pace in a forever changing marketplace.

ITN distributes to ethnic retailers, Mainstream Chain Outlets and the Food Services Industry (Caterers, Hotels, Restaurants, Banquet Halls).

Distribution Rights

We are the official distributors for:

  • Canada’s largest meat processor for their 100% HMA Certified Hand Slaughtered Mina meat products.
  • One of Pakistan’s largest food company and a pioneer in Recipe Spices SHAN.
  • India’s oldest brands such as; Ashoka, Camel and Aeroplane manufactured by ADF Foods.
  • India’s oldest tea brand, Wagh Bakri.
  • We are the Canadian wide distributor for DALDA Pakistan. A pioneer in oils, fats and margarines in Pakistan.
  • We are the Canadian wide distributor for Kolson’s which is owned by Lotte Corporation of South Korea (The largest food conglomerate in South Korea). Kolson’s products include popular snacks such as SLANTY and Potato sticks.



At present, we distribute in the following areas across Canada; Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

We have a strong presence in Ethnic Outlets and in large Mainstream chains like; Loblaw, Walmart, Sobeys, Freshco, Food Basics & Metro.


At present, we distribute in the following areas across the U.S.A; California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia & Washington State.

We have a strong presence in Ethnic Outlets and in large Mainstream chains like; Shoprite, Cousins Supermarket, Supremo Foods & Pathmark.


Mr. Tariq S. Ansari along with Deputy General Managers, Mr. Talha Siddiqui and Mr. Sadiq Ansari, are an experienced management team who have recently expanded ITN’s local presence including a branch in Vancouver and Calgary along with the Head office in Toronto.

Chairman & Founder

Vice President

Deputy General Manager USA

Deputy General Manager Canada




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